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The role of the axial fan and centrifugal fan in mechanical ventilation
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    The role of the axial fan and centrifugal fan in mechanical ventilation
    One due to the temperature and grain temperature are different, the first ventilation time to choose in the daytime, in order to reduce the gap of grain temperature and air temperature, reducing the occurrence of condensation. After the ventilation as much as possible in the evening, because the ventilation is cooling mainly at night, the atmospheric humidity is relatively high, the temperature is lower, thus reducing water loss, but also take full advantage of the low temperature at night to improve the cooling effect .
    The beginning of the centrifugal fan ventilation may occur doors and windows, walls, condensation, and even the surface grain surface a slight condensation, as long as you stop the fan, open windows, open axial fan, if necessary, turning the grain surface, the hot and humid air in the cabin out of position outside on the can. Axial fan for the retarder ventilation will not appear on the condensation, appear only in the upper grain temperature to rise slowly, as the ventilation to continue grain Wenhui Ping steady decline.
    3 retarder ventilation with axial fan, axial fan air flow is small, the other food is poor conductor of heat, ventilation initially prone to slow ventilation of individual parts, as the ventilation to continue the whole warehouse grain temperature will gradually balance.
    4 retarder ventilation food must sieve after shaking the clean-up, and into position within the food must promptly clean up the automatic classification caused by the impurity area, otherwise easily lead to local ventilation uneven.
    5 calculation of energy consumption: axial fan on the 14th position in the cumulative ventilation 50 days, an average of 15 hours a day, 750 hours, sharing an average drop of 0.4%, moisture, grain temperature down by an average of 23.1 degrees, the unit energy consumption: 0.027kw . h / t. ℃. Position on the 28th cumulative ventilation 6 days, 126 hours sharing the water drop by an average of 1.0%, the average temperature drop of 20.3 degrees, the unit energy consumption for the the: 0.038kw.h / t ℃.
    Six axial fan The retarder ventilation has the advantage: the cooling effect is good; units of low energy consumption, promote energy is particularly important; ventilation time and easy to grasp and difficult to condensation; not alone with the fan, convenient and flexible. Disadvantages: wind a small amount of ventilation for a long time; precipitation effect is not obvious, high-moisture grain should not use the axial flow fan for ventilation.
The advantages of the centrifugal fan: cooling, the precipitation effect, ventilation time is short; Disadvantages: high unit energy consumption; ventilation bad timing, prone to condensation.
8 Conclusion: in cooling for the purpose of ventilation, the application of axial fan the retarder ventilation of safe, efficient, energy-efficient; application of centrifugal fan in the precipitation for the purpose of ventilation.

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